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NOTICE: After careful consideration, because of the COVID-19 threat, the committee of the WHFS has decided to postpone screenings for 21st March, 4th April, 18th April, 2nd May and 16th May (Longer if mandated). We hope to reprogram these films at a later date. Please watch for announcements. 

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ur original 2020 program is in FULL DETAIL on the "OUR PROGRAM" tab where it can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF. 

SPECIAL OFFER. We are now offering HALF-YEAR/Half-Price for anyone wishing to join the society for a half year. Only $27.50 for all 10 films between February and June, or between July and November. See the "Join us" tab. 


The recently produced history of  the Whitehorse Film Society - 60 years, is now available. 

It offers "Glimpses Behind the Screen".

In the words of the principal author and editor of “The History”, Ian Davidson: 
“In this document, as well as covering the first 60 years of our history, we have aimed to bring the history of the Whitehorse Film Society to life by exploring the details and recounting as many anecdotes as we can recall. 

In addition, we have used this history document to explain some of the decisions made by the Society over the years, and to enlighten readers as to the reasons behind some of our current methods and procedures. – Hence the subtitle ‘Glimpses Behind the Screen’ ”

This 114-page book is professionally printed and bound, full of history, amusing anecdotes, stories about the people, films and technology, and other interesting facts. There are photos or drawings on almost every page. It includes a four-page gallery of colour photos. 

 Now reduced to just $5 per book, at any Film Society screening. Or we can post a copy (within Australia) for just $6 extra.

An ideal present for anyone interested in film societies or local history! 

The Whitehorse Film Society (WHFS) is your local film society and aims to encourage an interest in films as an entertainment, educational and information medium. We screen a wide variety of quality films. These features include primarily recent commercial releases, "art house", foreign films and other good quality films from all around the world.

We include 

- Films with "heart" or which raise social issues

- Films that throw a light on issues in other countries

- Films which entertain


Whitehorse Civic Centre

 The Willis Room Supper

Ian Davidson (supported by members of the committee) holds his 2017 Australia Day Civic Award from The City of Whitehorse - awarded for his tireless work in the service of film societies. 

And a good film

Unless notified in the newsletter, all screenings will be held at the Willis Room, Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading (opposite Harvey Norman) and will begin at 7.45 p.m on the first and third Saturday of the month (February - November).

After the movie screening there is an opportunity to discuss the films with others and to express your thoughts and comments. Membership of the Whitehorse Film Society also gives you the opportunity to borrow the DVDs screened at no extra cost. Members also have a say in which movies they wish to watch the following year.

All this is available with a yearly fee of $55. 

See the application form or contact us for details.

Please click Join us , ring or email for details. 


Membership of the Whitehorse Film Society will provide the following benefits:
- Quality films at an affordable price

- A monthly newsletter which includes reviews of forthcoming films and Society news
- A relaxed and friendly atmosphere
- A good quality presentation, with full surround sound
- An opportunity to discuss the film
formally or informally
- Supper after the film screening

- Be part of a modern film society
- If you miss a screening, borrow the DVD for free
. Click here for a pdf list of all DVDs available for members to borrow. 
(If it does not open, try clicking on the blank page and/or "refreshing" the page).

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Did August Schwerkolt dig Blackburn Lake one Sunday Morning?  

TIMOTHY'S BOTTLE and THE LIBRARY are two other missing films.  



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The Whitehorse Film Society is a member of the Federation of Victorian Film Societies and of Arts Nunawading.



Last Updated (By Ian Davidson): 
30 April 2020