Did August Schwerkolt dig the Blackburn Lake One Sunday Morning?

 This is the title of a short film made by the film society (then Blackburn Film Society) in 1971 and which won them an award in a short film competition run in conjunction with Moomba.

 But where is it now?

 Does anyone know the whereabouts of this film? Please contact the film society if you have any ideas.

 The Blackburn Film Society went on to make a 23 minute historical film in 1972 called CITY OF CONTRASTS about the history of Nunawading since its foundation up to that time.

This film is now a piece of history in its own right and is available from the Whitehorse Film Society on video ($5) or DVD ($10).

Our records show that two other films were made by the Film Society Film Production Unit:

TIMOTHY'S BOTTLE. Made in 1973. A short film for children.
THE LIBRARY. Made in 1973 or 4.

Information on any of these missing films would be welcome. 

Schwerkolt's Cottage as it was  Blackburn Lake Today