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Note: Wearing of masks during screenings is no longer mandatory but many members still do so. It is your choice.   

To apply for membership click on the link below.

Our fees are:

Annual Membership (20 films from Feb-Nov)......... $55.00 (No longer available for 2024)

Autumn only Membership (8 films from Feb-May )..$26.00 (No longer available for 2024)

Winter Matinees (2.00 pm Sat.) (6 films from Jun - Aug)..$21.00

Spring only Membership (6 films from Sep-Nov)...$21.00



*Note that all screenings start at 7.45 pm except in winter, when they start at 2.00 pm. All are on Saturdays. 




To contact us:

Secretary, Whitehorse Film Society (John Shortridge)

Secretary WHFS, 10 Heatherlea Crt, N Blackburn 3130.